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Design of hygienic equipment for professionel productionindustries

Hygiene in food processing and medical production is more important than ever before.

In modern society, there is a consumer-driven tendency to add less preservatives to foods, and consumers are looking for quality and freshness. It creates challenges for the way we produce food in the foods that fit the new consumer sets makes food more sensitive to contamination.

Needless to say the hygiene is only important for food processing. It is particularly crucial for the production of medical equipment and medicine. In those cases, cleanliness can become a matter of life or death for patients.

This site provides a brief instruction for some of the most critical considerations of the food processing equipment or medical production facilities. It is within these two production areas that hygiene is a built-in function of product design.

Manufacturing equipment with hygiene at the center of design and development

This article deals with how modern society raises the bar for hygienic design of equipment for professional manufacturing industries, such as food processing and medical industry. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of making the hygiene a built-in design function of the products. Finally, you get an insight into some of the great design criteria for hygienic equipment

Production equipment

Medical equipment

SHORT GUIDE: How to design medical equipment

In this article, we give you an overview of the different phases that the factory goes through when designing and developing medical devices. Some of these steps include the discovery and conceptualization of market needs that comply with international and national standards and regulations, testing and risk assessment, and quality assurance. Read more on NHKMachineryParts for more information

Design of medical equipment

Have you ever wondered how to make your medical device idea really? This article provides an overview of the idea phase, where you have to look at the market and see if your idea fills a gap in the market or if it can improve an already existing idea, or perhaps optimize some work tasks.

Equipment and units

How to design food processing equipment – critical considerations

For food processing plants, as well as manufacturers of food processing equipment, there are a large number of rules and regulations that must be respected, both internationally and nationally, in order to market the products. To give security a top priority, there are some considerations to make before designing how the food equipment should look. This article provides a brief overview of the considerations.